Cycling on Nantucket

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For years, I have loved cycling on the Madaket bike path on Nantucket.  Better than jogging, swimming (maybe this one is a tie), or taking a spin class, is an early morning bike ride on the Madaket bike path.  The round trip is about 10-12 miles if you take it all the way to the end.  At the end, you can hop off your bike and either jump in the ocean or just get your toes wet.  The restaurant Millie’s is also located at the end of the bike path, so it’s also a great choice if you want to stop for lunch or even a drink.  Years ago, we used to ride out there all the time and then head into The Westender restaurant for a Madaket Mystery before heading back home.

This year, for the first time, my son Owen accompanied me on a few of these early morning rides.  One good thing about going early is that the path is less crowded and the few streets we need to cross to get to it are also free of traffic.  These are good things to keep in mind if you want to ride the bike path with a child.  One of Owen’s favorite spots, The Turtle Pond, is also located along the bike path, so that was an appealing destination for him on our journey.  It’s great exercise.  The views are fantastic.  The air smells delicious.  I can’t think of a better place for riding a bike.  Nantucket’s other bike paths are also wonderful and I am looking forward to the “soon to come” Hummock Pond Bike Path, which will provide a much needed route to Bartlett’s Farm, East Coast fish store, Cisco, and Cisco Beach.  The road out to those locales is so narrow it’s a miracle that more cycling accidents don’t occur.  A bike path will solve that problem.

Here’s a short clip of Owen cycling on the Madaket bike path.

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